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I donated this design to a great man on the western slope to help with his campaign. Not only did he appreciate my work, it became a true eye opener for me. I feel that it is important to do a few designs every now and then for no pay. Why you may ask? It let me appreciate the reasons why I chose to be a designer. Not for the money, but for the passion. I love doing what I do.


Michael Sullivan


Graphic Designer, Illustrator

Dear Nathan,

Years ago, I made a good living writing for tv in the big city. Had a lot of fun in the process. It was, and still is, a passion for me. I love the creative process, the visual expression. Television shares that in common with the graphic arts.
Your interpretation of our campaign is a perfect fit, a bulls-eye. It captures both defining features of this beautiful slice of western Colorado. Be assured I will do my very best to keep it that way.
Thank you so very much, Nathan, for your valued donation. I’m proud to have my name on your design.


Good design is good business.

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